Kristi Snowcat URETHANE Drive Sprockets

  I am taking orders for NEW URETHANE, not Rubber Drive sprockets for Kristi snow cats. Models: KT-2, KT-2A, KT-3 and KT-4.WIDE Sprocket only (see photo below)

The urethane will not tear, wear or degrade in the elements like the OEM rubber sprockets do and have done over the years. All of the new snow cats that are out there use polyurethane for the tooth casting of the drive sprockets. These last many times longer than rubber.

You will need to provide your wide sprockets to get re-cast in urethane. The must be straight and have no broken teeth. They also need to be the steel core.

Cost is going to be $650.00 per sprocket plus shipping and your shipping of your sprockets to me. What I need now is your name, email and how many sprockets you have and want done. I need 20 to start this process and currently have 14.

I have been selling Kristi parts on Craigslist and eBay for quite some time and the main question I get is, do you have good drive sprockets? I am looking to see how many Kristi owners out there are interested in this project. Please contact me.

Gary Roth
Kristi Snow Cat Parts


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